Physical Wellness πŸ«€

End of course Assignment

4-credit or 2-credit course

Use these questions to create and share a physical wellness plan.

  • What are my/their/our SMART goals for physical wellness?
  • What is my/their/our timeline for achieving this?
  • How will I/they/we accomplish this? (use of physical resources)
  • Who are my/their/our support people to keep me/them/us on track?

Read the project or assignment criteria here.

1-credit course

Do a research project based on one or more of the suggested topics below.

Refer to the project or assignment criteria here.

Suggested Topics

Physical Wellness is divided into 3 sections. You can review the topics in each section and choose those you wish to focus on for your assignment. (Right-click on this link to open the image in another tab or window for reference while perusing the different topics.)

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