Extra Resources – Indigenous Knowledge & Health

Balanced Health title at top of image. The balanced health curriculum is shown as a circle with four quadrants: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. At the centre of the circle, where the four quadrants meet, is a silhouette of a human icon with green leaves at the right.

Here are some resources that talk about balanced approaches to Indigenous wellness from across Turtle Island.

They can be used to complement the material in each unit of study or as general background knowledge, as you see fit.

Joyceโ€™s Principle aims to guarantee to all Indigenous people the right of equitable access, without any discrimination, to all social and health services, as well as the right to enjoy the best possible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.Find out more.

Open Text Books – these are text books that can be used freely by anyone.

Anatomy & Physiology via OpenStax

Biology 2e via OpenStax

Douglas College Human Anatomy and Physiology II (1st ed.)

Note-taking Strategies

Screenshot of Learning with Video website
Learning with Video website screenshot

The Balanced Health Curriculum uses a variety of video resources for content attainment.

It would be useful to go over effective ways of gathering information from video lectures.

Learning with Video

Template for Note-Taking while Watching Video

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